Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Offering of Words to Belenos

To the Shining One, to the Bright One,
My reverent heart is lifted as offering.
To the mighty Son of a mighty Mother,
Whose light fills the whole world,
These words are given as offerings.

Belenos, giver of riches, healer of the wide world,
Luminous God to who holds the harp,
And blesses good seeds and strong plows,
Accept the gifts of we who depend upon you
And who keep your companionship forever.

Wild God, glorious Youth eternal,
You are mighty, sending arrows to flight,
You are the eye that sees all,
Giving the gift of light to every mortal being,
And nourishing milk to all that are youthful.

Golden haired God, gazing upon the eternal plains,
Looking with Godly wisdom upon the vastness,
Down upon the dark and rich earth you see,
Unhindered through the twilight.
Under the night filled with stars, see us-
See the children of men gazing up and around,
Seeking to understand and to live well.

Into every woman's Fate, into every man's Fate,
Into every child's Fate,
You have infused summer and winter in equal measure,
And you keep the doorways of Nature's great body.
You stand between us and the Ancestors:
Let us know their friendship, too.

Blessed Son of a mighty Mother,
Establish us in peace, with untroubled minds,
And take us from darkness to light,
Now and at the end of our mortal days.

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  1. Where you found the pic of Belenos? Do you know the name of that image? Beautiful words, by the way.